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Health benefits of tamarind ( imli )


Tamarind is one most valuable spices of the mid year season because of its cooling nature. It is served in numerous Kitchens in India as an enhanced harsh and sweet fluid extra dinner dish.


Its Latin name is Tamarindus Indica or Tamarindus Officinalis and of the Caesalpiniaceae family. This spice is famous with numerous territorial names in India, and a few most normal names are:

In English-Tamarind tree or Indian Nut; Sanskrit-Amla, Amlika, Chincha, Chukra, Chinchika, Dantshata, and Tintidi; In Bengali-Tentul or Nuli; In Gujarati-Aambli; and in Kanadda; Hunse or Amlike; In Hindi-Imli, Imly, Aemily, Amli or Umbli; In Malayalam-Valanpuli or valimpulli; additionally in Marathi-Chinch; In Punjabi and Pahari-Imli; In Telugu-Chinta or Amleka; Tamil-Amalkam or Puli; and in Uria-Tentuli.

Compound Composition

Tamarind natural products contain starch, tartaric corrosive, gelatin, and melic corrosive. Its seeds are plentiful in protein, fat, carbs, and minerals. Additionally, leaves, bark, and blossoms have helpful fixings like hordinin, galactose, glycoside, zylose, citrus extract, melic corrosive, and seponeratin, and so on.

Tamarind Health Benefits in Home Remedies

Tamarind organic products are the most utilized piece of this spice, however the leaves, bark, blossoms, and seeds likewise have numerous restorative properties. Assuming you prescribed to utilize Tamarind (Imli) in cures, it implies natural products mash. Some most dependable medical advantages of Imli are beneath:

To fix Headaches, absorb some Imli water for 3-4 hours and afterward abrade well. Channel it and blend some portion sugar into it. Presently use it to fix cerebral pains because of intensity stroke or hotness.

In Mouth Ulcers treatment, the above pre-arranged Tamarind water is additionally exceptionally valuable. Drinking it or swishing is the most ideal decision.

In the Primary phases of Cold, it is likewise exceptionally helpful to drink the leaves juice.

To fix Throat Inflammation, its utilization is another great decision. Bubble around 10 gm Imli in one liter of water till the arrangement stay half. Subsequent to cooling, add around 10 ml Gulab-Jal to it and wash with this combination to get help from the throat issue.

In the treatment of Heart Burning, the syrup or sherbert of Imli has likewise extraordinary helpfulness. For improved results, add a sugar candy to it.

On account of Excessive Urination, drench around 15 gm of Tamarind seeds in water during the Daytime, and at the evening, eliminate the external strip of the Seeds. Presently grind the internal white pieces of Seeds and take it with cow milk to fix this urinary illness.

To fix Bloody Piles, the utilization of bloom juice is additionally valuable. Require 5-10 ml juice, threefold every day to dispose of the heap's concern.

On account of Spraining (Moch Aana in Hindi), set up the glue of its leaves and apply the tepid glue to the impacted joints.

To fix PE (Premature discharge) messes, the utilization of seeds is generally valuable. Drench the seeds into the water for 3-4 days, then, at that point, eliminate the external strip. Take the inward white part and dry them. Presently set up the fine powder and take day to day one spoon with milk to treat semen problems. Another, you can likewise set up the little pills of this powder with twofold how much Jaggery (Gurr in Hindi). Utilizing everyday one pill is likewise one more great option for treating PE issues.

In fever treatment, the utilization of Tamarind is well famous. Drinking the Syrup of Tamarind is really great for relieving fever because of intensity stroke.

It is one more best spice for diabetes. Take around 100 gm seeds and absorb them 200 ml milk for three days. Following three days, eliminate the strips of seeds and drudgery them with water. At last, use around 5ml of it with milk, two times every day. Attempt this solution for a days to treat sugar.

Tamarind is likewise viewed as great for bosom upgrade. Numerous high school young ladies love to eat it and help in bosom fixing.

Imli water likewise uses to get oblivious and fever due Pitta Dosha. To bring down the internal heat level, take the cool Tamarind organic products water and drench a little flawless material into it. Presently put this material on the temple to treat high fever.

Tamarind's medical advantages are not restricted, it has numerous other medical advantages. It utilizations to treat skin issues, stomach issues, stomachaches, eye, and ear infections, diabetes, hack, diarrhea, and numerous others.


Tamarind-100 gm

Onion-Medium Sized

Sugar-2 major spoon

Salt-1 tea-spoon

Mint-5-10 green leaves

Green Coriander-5-10 gm

Green Chili-1-2 pieces

Numerous regular wellbeing experts are encouraged to utilize it. Here we will share a Tamarind feast recipe that you can attempt at home to take its therapeutic advantages.

Douse some Imli into the water of around 300ml for 3-4 hours. Presently disguise it appropriately and filer the arrangement. Add Salt, and Sugar to it according to taste to bring down the sharpness. Presently add Onion (Small pieces fine cut) and green mint glue. Likewise, add green coriander and green bean stew for some extra zing. Blend all fixings appropriately and partake in this harsh sweet sound dish.

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